A successful day on Craigslist!

* sold our old t.v. stand for $160

* found someone in need of moving boxes and was more than happy to give ours.

* and oh yea got this piano - for free!

well not completely free, I did have to make some of my delicious double chocolate cupcakes to entice a few strong men to come (with pick up truck) to help me haul it home.

My original intent was to paint it a fun color, but now that I have it home I'm not sure if I should just refinish it (or if I'm even capable of that), paint it a fun color, or maybe a classic white or black??? I am open to suggestion and inspiration!


  1. you have all the craigslist luck! i've been trying to sell the same few things for like a month now. :(
    the piano would look very unique in white! i like black too. i have no idea how you'd go about painting it or refinishing it though. are you going to learn to play now? ill come give you lessons!:) im pretty sure you could afford me, i charge in cupcakes. :)

  2. i'm SO jealous! i've been trying to score a free piano from craigslist forever! i came thisclose once, but it was already gone by the time we could pick it up. :/ oh well! i'm sure there's an even better one out there somewhere, just waiting for me. yours is awesome! i think you should paint it a fun color. i'm in love with that idea. it makes me think of elton john. :)

  3. Tiffany if you lived here I would so have you a piano by now! There were 2 posted yesterday and 1 today - all free! I will keep an eye open for your neck of the woods for you!

    Lindsay it is a done deal! Piano lessons here I come!!