14. Knick knack patty wack

Went to a thrift store this weekend...here are a few of the knick knacks I found along the way...
(stay tuned for the killer furniture I found! Also some great before and afters and one not so great after.)

Bach statue. He makes me giggle and anything less than $2.00 that makes you giggle is a good buy.

Milk glass vase. $2.95

Silver plated tea thingy.$4.95. Tarn-x is amazing and made it shine like new!

Rocking Chair for baby boy. It just needs a fresh coat of paint. $8.98

Books for baby's daddy. He reads War and Peace out loud while I paint the piano. He considers it helping. :)


  1. anything looks great displayed on the domino book! :) i think ollie loves his new chair

  2. amazing finds!! you're so good at treasure hunting.