25. All Together Now

All Together Now is a great new blog where you can post design dilemmas or help others with their design dilemmas. It's fantastic.
Nikki from Jefferson City needed help on what to do for window treatments in her dining room. View all the details here.
Here is a photo of the dining room..
a design board of what they have planned for the room...
my suggestion board...

A. I would use these curtains from Pottery barn for the dining room. Using 4 panels that skim the ground. They would give the room the punch it needs while still tying in with the red fabric from the chairs.
B. For the kitchen window I think this fabric from HouseFabric.com in a roman shade would be fabulous and for only $10.95 a yard!
C. She didn't mention a new light fixture, but the current one is just awful and my boyfriend Craig(s list) has this in her city for only $20.00! Go here to buy it.
D. Spray paint that chandelier a "oil rubbed bronze" to update it and pow it looks like a million bucks (or a couple hundred but whos counting.)


  1. Katie, thanks so much for linking to the blog and for taking the time to do a design board! I'm sure Niki will appreciate it. I love your suggestions, by the way. I am working on finding a comment system that will allow people to post photos directly in the comments. Hopefully it'll be up and running soon!

  2. you should really charge for advice this good. ;)